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Feature Films

Gamble Productions Corp has been in business since 2010 when it was incorporated by a self-taught filmmaker from Queens, New York. With a desire to create content that entertains and enlightens, Gamble Productions has reached beyond its humble beginnings to become a full featured studio capable of handling projects of all sizes. Our Staff is made up of creative individuals who are interested and passionate about making a difference through the art of motion picture. With a healthy track record in viral campaigns, short films, and feature length film documentaries, and Web Series, Gamble Productions is a brand that continues to push the limits of what an independent film company can do.


In storytelling, sound design is just as important as cinematography.  Our audio engineers pay attention to every detail, wherever they are and whatever the challenge –

We do it all – from Boom Operators to finessing and mixing audio effects to creating custom scores to mixing live performances for bands and live events. Because people listen when you make something worth hearing.


Mac and PC compatible with knowledge of top editing software like Adobe Premiere and After Affects, Davinci Resolve, and Final Cut.

Gear List

1x Black Magic Ursa Mini 4.6k 

1x Panasonic Gh5 

1x Ziess ZE 35MM 2.0

1x Ziess ZE 50MM 1.4

1x Ziess ZE 85MM 1.4

1x Sigma 18-35MM 2.8 

1x Zoom H6 Audio Recorder

1x Rode NTG 4 Boom Mic

2x Rode Link wireless

2x Aputure 120D

1x Aputure 300D

1x Aputure Light Storm

1x Aputure 528 





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